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Share a little about yourself as a business owner, or maybe describe what makes your service unique. Give visitors one more reason to care about your offer and want to work with you.

Some more information about your business


Request and easily collect HD-video from your volunteers, staff and board members. 

Collect Video

Add videos to your emails to humanize your outreach and share them on custom-branded landing pages.

Share Video

See how people open and engage with the videos you create and manage your videos in a cloud-based video platform. 

Track and Manage Video


Real Name

Share a real testimonial that hits some of your benefits (but isn't too sales-y).


Real Name

Include someone talking about how easy it was to sign up and participate.


Include a video or photo from one of your sessions to help people understand your service (or just to hype ‘em up).

Show visitors what they're signing up for

We will ask about your goals

Schedule your 
Live Demo

Our team will listen to how you are currently using video and seek to understand what you would like to do next.

We'll suggest how our products and team could help, demonstrate how easy it is to use our platform, and will answer your questions.

If you work with us, our team and technology will help you implement the plan and you’ll be amazed when people tell you how much they enjoy and appreciate the videos you send. 

We'll show you how it works

You'll see the power of personalized video

During your live consultation, we'll show you how CauseVid has helped other nonprofits incorporate personalized video into their fundraising plans and how we can help you do it too.

See how other nonprofits are using video to wow their donors.

Start working with Causevid and grow your fundraising with video today. 

See how others are using video.